Citizens of the World

Adventure awaits…

When he was asked where he came from, he replied, ‘I am a citizen of the world’

Diogenes Laertius VI 63


Feb 24, 2020 — “That Time Willie Nelson Told Me To Go Spit” won Best Comedy Short Film at the Oregon Short Film Festival . So Much fun and so much thanks to everyone that was involved. Special thanks to Oregon Short Film Festival for putting on such a great festival.

Directors Statement

My dream has always been to make films that have quotable lines. To be standing in line to get a coffee and hear one person say to another a line from one of my films. That’s how I know that they had an experience, that the film left an impression of some kind.

Going to see a movie has always been an event for me. Before the movie is released, there is the anticipation of what is to come among friends, “Well, this is what this director did last time,” and, “the trailer looks amaze-balls.” 

Then it’s released and you wait in line to get in and gather all the supplies you will need for the two hour plus journey through this particular filmmakers mind. You slide into the seat and open yourself to be guided on an adventure. You sit in darkness with your friends and dozens of strangers all about to experience the same thing. The film exposes the filmmakers thoughts, ideas, influence, political views, fears and possibly a small piece of their soul, whether they want it to or not. That part is inescapable.

As you exit, emotions are flowing, the chitchat of the other audience members floods the lobby with insights to the meaning of this scene or that.

Then a convivial discussion at the local watering hole for you and your friends. Divisions form over playful banter between lovers and haters. Debates on ‘How the hell did they do that?’ and ‘my favorite part was this’. As the party convenes, a quote from the film can be heard between friends as they walk down the side walk and into the next adventure. “I’m going to need more coffee for this.” 

 That is why I make films.